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Arpana's Goal: To enable children from disadvantaged families to compete with the privileged minority in formal education and employment opportunities.

One of the greatest benefits that can be given to disadvantaged populations is educational support and care for small children, normally unsupervised whilst parents work. Arpana started its educational programs for disadvantaged children in slum resettlement colonies in Delhi which are based on children’s needs and aspirations and have as their goal the fulfillment of their dreams. It is the children’s yearning for knowledge, for self-expression and self-fulfillment that drive Arpana’s endeavors to develop their full potential.


Arpana in Molar Bund



Most families of the resettlement colony of Molar Bund live ‘substandard’ lives. For them, survival is a struggle, and most often their children also get trapped into lives full of despair and humiliation.

… towards development of their full potential

Arpana’s educational programs give them an opportunity to live with dignity and hope. Arpana provides educational support to the children who have already dropped out of school or who are going to school but are unable to find anyone to help them understand their studies in formal schooling.

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