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Master Arpit's Story

Arpit was born a healthy 3kg boy at Government Health Centre in Gharounda.

However, when he was brought to Arpana at the age of 25 days his weight was 2.55 kg and was severely dehydrated. He had a fever and copious loose stools. His labored breathing was diagnosed as acidotic respiration.


He was immediately put on Oxygen and IV fluids. We found that he was on bottle feed because of severely retracted nipples. His blood investigation revealed disturbed functioning of kidney and acidosis which is dangerous. But there was no indication of any infection. His hydration improved and he was accepting spoon feeds but loose stools persisted. He was receiving almost 1 liter of fluids either orally or intravenously.

Suspecting lactose intolerance, he was started on lactose-free formula, He showed rapid response and after 48 hours he was given stimulus with regular milk formula to confirm lactose intolerance but surprisingly he tolerated the regular formula. Now he improved quickly and was discharged.


He came to the OPD for a follow-up visit, having gained some weight and is doing well.


My name is Lalita. I joined Arpana when I was in class 11th. At that time I was quite weak academically.


At home my father was bedridden and my mother worked as a domestic help to make the two ends meet. I have two siblings, my elder sister is married and my brother was the topper at Arpana. All the teachers had high hopes for him and he was also getting a scholarship from Arpana.


During the Parent Teacher Meeting, Agarwal madam came to know that at home I was too much burdened with my household chores and didn’t get any time to study. She motivated my parents to support me in doing all the domestic work. Madam specifically told my brother to help me both in studies and household work; otherwise, she would stop giving him the scholarship.


After all the counseling, I got some time to study on my own at home. Pawan also helped me and after a lot of hard work, I successfully cleared my class 12th exam with 60% marks. At Arpana the teachers also guided me and I improved not only in academics but there was a change in my overall personality. I became more confident and smart.


I came to know about UNNATI (partner NGO) from Arpana, who provide 100% placement after completion of 50 days retail management course. I joined UNNATI and after finishing my course I got a part-time job with KFC.


After evaluating my performance they offered me a full-time job. At present, I am working with Lajpat Nagar KFC outlet as a senior team member. I am enjoying my work. I am drawing Rs.11,000/- per month as salary and Rs.3,000/- on an average as incentive. Today I am the breadwinner of my family.


If I work hard and continue my job in this company then I might become a manager someday. I am very thankful to Arpana for making me self-dependent.


My name is Kirti. I am 18 years old. I live in Gautampuri. I have six members in my family. My father does a private job and my mother works in an Aanganwadi as a helper. I have two sisters and one brother. They also study in Arpana.


I have been studying in Arpana from class 2nd. Before joining Arpana Trust, I was an average student but gradually I improved in my studies and I got the 2nd position in my XI standard. For my good result, I have been getting Rs. 500 from Arpana as a scholarship.


Arpana is a very helpful organization it has only one aim, that is of teaching and helping students giving them a bright future. Arpana also gives financial support to those who are keen to go for higher studies. Arpana provides many facilities to students with their computer course, beauty course, and the library.

I got 82.6% in my 12th board. This has been possible due to Arpana’s teachers. They are very kind, hard-working and multi-talented. Here I would like to mention Shakuntala ma’am, she has been a great help to me. She always helped in my studies.


My family’s financial condition is not so good. So, Arpana had helped me to get admission in BCA. I have joined VMLG collage at Ghaziabad and I am doing my Bachelor of Computer Applications. I feel so glad and my parents are very happy for my future. I thank all the Arpana’s teachers and its management for giving me a great opportunity. I love all the Arpana teachers. At last, thank you Arpana!

Nirmala and her Daughter in law: Partners in Every Way!

Nirmala and her husband, Laxmi Chand, have 2 sons and two daughters and struggled to subsist on their daily wages. Those dark years of adversity and poverty were transformed after Nirmala became a member of one of the self-help groups formed by Arpana in Taprana village. 

Nirmala shares her story ‘We often went hungry, as daily labor was infrequent. Often my husband took our wages and drank it away. He would push me onto the streets, abusing me as shameless and of bad character.     Nirmala & her daughter-in-law
“I kept enduring these hardships. With loans from my group, I managed to settle and marry our daughters. I sent my sons to learn mushroom farming in Panipat and got my daughter in law to become a member of a self-help group. 

The two sons and Nirmala and her daughter in law started a family enterprise of a mushroom farm with a loan of Rs. 40,000/-. They earned Rs. 70,000/- that season. They have now expanded and business is booming! 

“Without our groups, we could never have experienced this progress, prosperity, and hope” Nirmala tells us with a warm smile.

Nirmala and her Daughter in law: Partners in Every Way!

Karmo is married and settled in village Madanpur, a village of landless agricultural labor. Karmo, her sisters in law, Roshni and Anju and their mother in law, Asha, lived the miserable lives of serfs, as all their husbands worked as bonded labor for rich landlords in a neighboring village. They and their children were exploited, abused and suffered every kind of indignity and deep poverty.

In 2002, Arpana formed self-help groups in Madanpur. All 4 women joined different groups and began with small savings in their groups. 

Gradually, the 4 women took loans and freed, one by one, each of their family’s menfolk. At last dignity and freedom was theirs! They repaid the loans and then again took loans so their men folk could become self-employed. After such intensive struggle, Karmo’s family and the clan has comfort, respect, and lives untainted by exploitation and abuse and violence. They are living in comfort and breathe freely.

“Without the support, guidance and of our groups, we could never be enjoying and living in such freedom and wellbeing. We are grateful and proud to be part our groups” says Karmo, while her sisters in law smile in agreement.

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