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Promote accessible health care services and products to marginalized people in India


Our Mission


Arpana Canada aims to raise funds for a Level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Arpana hospital in Madhuban, Haryana, India.

There is currently no NICU within a 3-hour radius of the hospital. This facility will care for premature and sick babies as well as be able to stabilize and transport infants who need to be transferred to a Level 3 NICU.

Maternal and child health is a priority for us and we will provide technical and financial support to this end. Included under this banner will be early detection clinics for breast and cervical cancer.


Arpana provides tuition classes and runs a pre-school and crèche serving over 30,000 urban poor in the slum resettlement colony of Molar Bund, New Delhi.

Arpana’s children in Molar Bund have achieved top positions in their classes, prizes for debate, speaking, reading, sports, cleanliness and other awards

Arpana Canada will be providing educational material, technology, and related support or services to the Molarbund educational project in New Delhi, India.

One example of this will be interactive boards in classrooms and equipment such as sewing machines for the vocational projects.


Arpana has formed over 800 women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) in 248 villages, which enhance women's self-esteem and economic conditions through professional training in Health, sanitation and hygiene; and microcredit loans for domestic or entrepreneurial activities.

These workers assist local women and subsistence farmers with savings clubs, vocational training and the marketing of their handicrafts.


Arpana Canada will provide materials and equipment to support these services and contribute towards improving the social and economic conditions of the underprivileged.

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